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Terri Tyner

Welcome to my online classroom.


Terri Tyner’s Lesson Plans

Aug 29 – Sept 2, 2016

Objectives - To establish the beginning vocabulary for Math.  To interpret parts of an expression, such as, terms, factors and coefficients.  To use the structure of an expressionto identify ways to write it.

Activities – Students will develop the beginning vocabulary words in Math.  Students will create slides to define the vocabulary words.  Students will be given an opportunity to review basic problems.  Students will be given practice problems to develop their knowledge in Math.

Assessments – Pretest for MobyMax.  Practice problems from the Math sections.  Review problems to assess their knowledge.  Slides of vocabulary terms.

Bellwork – Handouts for communication with parents., Problems from the book.

Frameworks – 8.NS.A.1 – Know that there are numbers that are not rational; 8.EE.A.4 – Perform operations with numbers; HSH.RN.B.3 – Use properties of rational and irrational numbers; A.SSE.1a – Interpret parts of expression such as terms, factors, coefficients; A.SSE.2 – Use the structure of an expression to identify ways to write it.

Materials -Information sheets, Math textbooks, MobyMax website,,, Chromebooks, Graphing Calculator, IPads

Notes – This week, I am going to continue to lay the foundation of learning in my classroom by getting into the Math material with my classes.




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