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Biology week 2

No homework or test this week

General Biology Weekly Learning Plan



General Overview

Connected to Enduring Understandings



August 22


August 26

Students will identify components of atomic structure. Students will determine the affects molecular bonding has on cellular function.


NS 10.B.2, 10.B.3, 10.B.4,

11.B.1, 11.B.2, 11.B.3, 11.B.4, 11.B.5, 12.B.1, 12.B.2, 13.B.1, 14.B.1

Variety of lab tools

Grade Tracking Forms & Vocabulary Forms

Book assignments made

Learning Goal(s):

Students will create a correct diagram an atom.

Students will identify and use lab tools correctly.

Students will determine the importance of ionic and covalent bonds with the structure and function of living things.

Opening Discussions:

Bell Ringer 3:  Complete word comparisons for the following words;

Law/theory; inference/prediction; responding variable/manipulated variable.

Bell Ringer 4:  Create a model diagram of an atom.  Write out descriptions for each part.

Bell Ringer 5:  Design a flow chart using the following words; sub atomic, compounds, atom, molecules, elements.


Graded Work

Tool Use Lab

Charting and graphing sheets





Labs and Activities

Tool Use Lab

Day 1  


Complete Bell Ringer 3 and discuss                                                                           15 mn

Complete Tool Use and measurement Lab                                                               50 mn

Complete Charting and graphing skills sheets.                                                         25 mn
















Day 2  


Complete Bell Ringer 4 and discuss                                                                                 15 mn

Book assignments made during bell ringer time

Complete charting and graphing skills sheets as necessary                                        15 mn

Grading charting and graphing skills sheets                                                                   10 mn

Begin Power Point Notes on atoms and molecules                                                       50 mn

Day 3  

Complete Bell Ringer 5 and discuss                                                                                                     10 mn

Complete power point notes on atoms and molecules                                                                    15 mn

Pop Corn Vocabulary – Brain Break                                                                                                      10 mn

Explain Vocabulary Procedure and Assign Ch. 2 Vocabulary                                                           20 mn

Create a diagram of ionic and covalent bonds, create a diagram of a water molecule              35 mn