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Biology week 3

General Biology Weekly Learning Plan



General Overview

Connected to Enduring Understandings/Frameworks






Homework: Possibly one night; FINISH Read, Outline, & Summarize Ch 2.2

No Test

Students will continue learning the importance of atomic structure and chemical bonds in Biology.

NS 10.B.2, 10.B.3, 10.B.4,

11.B.1, 11.B.2, 11.B.3, 11.B.4, 11.B.5, 12.B.1, 12.B.2, 13.B.1, 14.B.1

Atom Models

Cornell Note Page

Vocabulary Page

pH test strips

supplies for water properties lab

Learning Goal(s):

Students will analyze and determine the properties of water.

Opening Discussions:

Bell Ringer 5: Design a flow chart using the following words; sub atomic, compounds, atom, molecules, elements.


Bell Ringer 6: Compare and contrast covalent and ionic bonds.


Bell Ringer 7:  Identify and describe at least 2 properties of water that are a result from its covalent bond between Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Graded Work

Vocabulary sheets

Water Lab

Analyzing Data Pg. 51 & page 57 #’s 1-10

Labs and Activities

The properties of water

Color page: atom models

Day 1 

Complete Bell Ringer : 1. What are the3  most important lab rules?                                             10 mn

In groups of 4 Compare a literature book to the Biology book ; list all the things your group comes up with that help you learn Biology.                                                                                                          15 mn

Class discuss outlining a section of a chapter, start discussion of summarizing                           20 mn

Practice summary of Ch2.1                                                                                                                     25 mn

In groups, share your summaries and make suggestions for improvement and point out good qualities to other students to encourage good practices                                                                                       20 mn

Continue summaries

Turn in Lab Safety Contracts


Day 2  

Complete Bell Ringer 5 with a partner and discuss                                                                          10 mn

Practice Reading, Outlining, & Summarizing text Ch2.2                                                                  35 mn                                                                                                                                                                   

    In groups, share your summaries and make suggestions for improvement and point out good qualities to other students to encourage good practices                                                                                15 mn

Continue summaries                                                                                                                               30 mn                                                                                                   

Turn in Lab Safety Contract                                            

Day 3   Sept. 1 / Sept 2

Complete Bell Ringer 7 and discuss                                                                                                       10 mn

Water Lab                        rotation                                                                                                            80 mn

Turn in Lab Safety Contract