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Biology week 13

 Biology Lesson Plan WEEK 13



General Overview

Connected to Enduring Understandings


11/7 –11/11


Students will differentiate among the various organelles in a cell

NS 10.B.2, 10.B.3, 10.B.4,

11.B.1, 11.B.2, 11.B.3, 11.B.4, 11.B.5, 12.B.1, 12.B.2, 13.B.1, 14.B.1

 Biology book on line: ocas.pearson (Dragonfly biology book)

Learning Goal(s):

Students will gather information to support their ideas about living organism.

Students will find evidence that supports characteristics of living organisms .

Opening Discussions:

Bell ringer:

What are some functions of cell membrane?

How is a cell wall different from a cell membrane?

Graded Work

Ch 7 Test

Questions 7-3        

Labs and Activities

Color & Label Plant & Animal Cells

Microscope cell observation


Day 1           

90 min    Ch 7-1 & 7-2 TEST

HOMEWORK: Complete Questions 7-3

Day 2           

90 min     Membrane Lab


HOMEWORK: Complete the 7-3 Questions if not yet done

Day 3          


15 min    

35 min    

20 min 

20 min