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AP Summer Coursework - English

Posted Date: 05/14/2019

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Eighth Grade Pre AP Summer Reading Assignment

You will need to get a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Make sure it is the unabridged version. It will have either 35 or 36 chapters. If there are only 17, you have the wrong version. You may check this out from the public library or you may purchase your own copy. I also have a few copies available that you could check out. There is a free ebook version available from the public library and on Google Play and a free downloadable audiobook from the public library.

    You will be doing a reading journal. This is due in the high school office by 3:00 p.m. on August 1. If your summer reading assignment is not turned in by that date, you will start the school year with a 180-point zero. It will not be easy to pull yourself up from that.

    Please get a three-pronged folder. Write your name and “PreAP 8” on the front of it. Inside this folder, you should place notebook paper for your reading journal. The journal MUST BE HANDWRITTEN.

    You should write at least one paragraph responding to EACH chapter. Please clearly label which chapter you are writing about. You will have at least 35 paragraphs. You may include questions you have, ways you relate to what’s going on, predictions about future chapters, insights about literary devices Twain uses, or simply personal responses. Basically, what I am looking for in the reading journal is to see your thought process as you read. A sample entry might look like this:

Chapter 1

    I wonder how old Tom is. He seems to brag a lot, like a little kid, but he’s pretty clever at getting away with things. He sort of seems like a troublemaker, but at the same time, he is charismatic, too. I’m not sure if he’s the type of guy I’d like to be friends with or not; I guess I will just have to wait and see more about what kind of character he will be. I do think that the way Twain shows us Tom’s personality through Aunt Polly’s eyes is interesting, but it makes me feel a little sorry for him. I wonder how other characters will see him as we go along.

     I know it’s tempting to wait and do the journal after you finish the book, but it will be easier to do as you go along and it’s fresh on your mind. Remember, I am looking for evidence that you are thinking about the book as you read it.

DO NOT SUMMARIZE EACH CHAPTER. I’ve read the book. I already know what happens in each chapter. I’m not just looking to see if you read it. What I need to know is what you’re thinking about while you read each chapter. If you copy chapter summaries off the internet, I will know it (it’s not that hard to figure out) and you will get a zero. The reading journal is simple: read a chapter and tell me what you thought about what you read.

If you or your parents have any questions or concerns about summer reading, or if you run into any questions as you work through this, you may email me at I may not answer immediately—I am on summer vacation too!—but I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Remember, I will be picking summer reading up from the school to start grading it on August 1 at 3:00. If you choose to mail it to the school, please mail it several days in advance to make sure it gets here on time. Please do your best with summer reading. It’s a big grade that lets me see your abilities! Even if you only finish part of it, please turn it in. A low grade is still better than a zero. I look forward to seeing you in August, and I hope you enjoy the novel.

Pre AP English 9 Summer Reading

Summer expectations for Pre AP English 9 are to read Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. They do not have any accompanying assignments during summer break, but they do need to be prepared for tests, activities, and discussions when school begins. I've attached the document given to students, open document here

2019 Summer Reading Assignments

Pre AP English 10

Instructor: Mrs. Lindsay James, MSE, MA


Welcome to Pre AP English 10!  This will be a challenging course, but you have the opportunity to advance your skills to prepare for the AP tests you will take your junior and senior years.  Because this is an advanced course, we will have many assignments and you will be totally responsible for your work, starting this summer.

I have selected two classic novels that could possibly show up on an AP exam.  The titles are listed below. You will need to purchase a copy of these books or check them out from me or the public library.  I would recommend purchasing a paperback if possible so that you can make annotations in the margins as you read to help you with the assignments.

1984—George Orwell

A Separate Peace—John Knowles

You should complete a close reading of each text and make notes as you read to help you remember the material.  When we return to school in August, be prepared during the first week to take an AR test on each novel and complete an AP style timed writing for each novel.  I have attached a copy of the rubric for the AP style timed writing (linked below), and more information will be given about the assignment when we return to school.  

Each assignment will be worth 100 points, for a total of 400 points for the summer work.  

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at  I will check my email at least weekly throughout the summer.

Link to AP Timed Writing Rubric: